In 2013 I, aswell as the other members of the Orcland team decided to take part in the Indie Speedrun of that year
Let me quickly explain how that works: You register as a team on the website where you are given a theme and an element that you are supposed to use in the game. Both of them are randomly generated. In our case we got Equality and A Chess Knight. We then had 48 hours to create and upload the game. So we came up with Pawn Brothers a game, which is a two player coop game. In the game you have to stick together and collect items and avoid the evil chess knights.
I was responsible for the level assets and the creation of the unity scene, aswell as contributing to the gamedesign.
If you are intressted, you can play the Game here.

A little scene I built with the level assets

Textures of all the assets